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    These are some places of interest in The Calixis Sector * [[Malfi]] - Hive where we encountered [[:marlena-tragus | Marlena Tragus]] ** [[Nasta]] * [[Drusk]] - Feral world where we follow the 2nd page. * [[Drusus]] - Shrine world where Lydia is from

  • Malfi

    A large hive world, second only to [[Scintilla]] in its size. This is where the party must go to track down the first of [[Aganars Pages]].

  • Drusk

    Drusk is a feral world in the Calixis Sector. h3. Ork Infestation The most notable feature of Drusk is its persistent problem with Orks. There has been tribes of feral Orks living on Drusk for centuries. However, they've never grown into a problem, …