Grok'thar Boneyard

Born beneath the sky. Raised as an honorable warrior. Chosen by an empire from beyond the stars. Given tools of great power. Told to find and crush the star chief's enemies.



WS 43
BS 41
Str 40
T 41
Ag 34
Int 29
Per 31
WP 29
Fel 24

Wounds: 15 Fate points: 1 Insanity: 0 Corruption: 0

Trained Skills

Basic: Awareness Dodge Swim Survival

Talents & Traits Melee (primitive) Pistol(las, sp) Basic(las, primitive) Iron Stomach (+10 carouse, feral) Primitive (-10 tech use, -10 fel in urban settings, feral) Rite of passage (can staunch bleeding, feral) Navigation (surface), survival, tracking, are basic skills (feral)

Armor Guard Flak armor, 4 in all areas


Good quality Mono Sword (passed down from Village Chief) +5 WS, 1d10+4 dmg, penetration 2, balanced, not primitive

Las Pistol, standard dmg 1d10+2, type E, range 30m, reload full Las gun, standard dmg 1d10+3, type E, range 100m, ROF s/3/-, reliable, reload full Bow, standard dmg 1d10, type R, range 30, primitive, reload half Knife


Grok’thar was a man who always knew his place. He was strong, could kill many creatures, and was wise enough not to risk his life when it would yield no gains. But the thing that guaranteed he would survive, was that he knew where he was. He knew that his tribe only survived as a unit. Together, they could fight back the vicious creatures that stalked the jungles by day and by night. From a young age it was instilled in him that we all have strengths, and only by obeying the chief, and using all our strengths, could we survive. He obeyed the orders of the chief without question, because it meant his survival, as well as everyone else’s. He knew he was a guardian of the chief, a sentinel to protect his people, because he knew he had the strength of arm and toughness of body to protect them. He knew his place.

So, when the men from the sky landed in their metal boxes, he attacked them with the same ferocity he attacked the fanged predators who lived nearby. Even after they knocked him down with weapons that spit fire and light, and seared away his flesh, he fought on until he was bloodied and bound, unable to move. He struggled and cursed at these men, and at his weak body. He struggled ceaselessly, not even wondering why they had captured him instead of killing him, as they were obviously able to do. It was not until the chief came to talk to him, and told him that he had served admirably, that he began to calm down. He had served his chief faithfully and truly for many years. His strength and valor were well known. In fact, so well known, that he was being called to serve – the Star chief. In that moment, Grok’thar understood.

From then, he was calm and placid. He did not resist when they put the collar on him, the collar they said could kill him if he resisted or ran. He nodded and accepted it, for he had committed actions against the Star chief. He went in their ship to another world, and was taught to use their new weapons. He nodded and accepted this, for the Star chief surely had many people under him, who knew how to make these devices. He was taught that he would still be a guard and a sentinel. But, the enemies of the Star chief were more dangerous and devious than the night stalkers he was used to fighting. They would hide amidst the common people, for this was the only way they could avoid the Star chief’s wrath. Grok’thar nodded. He would serve his new Chief well.

Not all of his fellow soldiers welcomed him so readily, however. The men he killed on Fedrid had friends, some of them powerful. Macharus Venx was their commander, and he looked on Grok’thar’s progress through the academy with disdain. He ensured that Grok’thar always had to run harder, had to perform his weapon rituals quicker, that he was punished severely for minor infractions. It was a miserable experience, but Grok’thar gritted his teeth and endured. Venx was not able to prevent him from completing his training, though he did enjoy making it as difficult as possible.

His training was eased, however, by training with Constance Cann. She was a voluntary recruit, from a hive world. Training women to become protectors and guardians was something he was not used to, and made him very uneasy, but she was a very friendly and gregarious recruit, getting to know him as well as everyone else in their class. She became one of his few good friends, more willing to talk and help him adjust than most others – even among the other feral worlders, he was considered backward and rustic. She was not as committed to the Star Chief and empire as he was, she had joined more out of a desire to get off world and see other planets, to live life to the fullest. In spite of their being complete opposites in almost every way, they were good friends.

Grok’thar follows a fairly strict code of conduct. He is fiercely loyal to the emperor, though he knows next to nothing of Imperial life or customs. He is almost completely guile-less, having no ability to scheme or lie. He is extremely valorous, and will put himself in danger to protect other members of his team, or civilians. He knows that he exists solely to protect other underlings of the chief.

Grok'thar Boneyard

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